Monday, September 7, 2009

Give your Australian Parrot Native Plants

Miss Jane on a Banksia Flower

Native plants
Living in Australia it is easy for our budgies to benefit from the addition of native plants to their diet. You can use branches such as eucalyptus, wattle, she-oak, grevillea, melaluca, bottle brush, and many other native trees and shrubs. (Google those names if you don’t know them for more info). Budgies chew the leaves, the flowers, the buds that are about to flower, the seed pods or gum nuts, the bark, everything! It is not only a very natural thing for a budgie to eat, it is also very stimulating to them on many levels, preventing boredom, providing exercise through climbing, and having something to shred – as budgies will often chew their wooden toys or perches if they have nothing else that’s good to chew on. It does cause a little mess, but its easy to sweep up.

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