Sunday, September 13, 2009

My opinion of wing clipping

This photo shows a severe and cruel wing clip. This is a bird i rescued. She has had three bad bleeds, and still only has seven feathers after 6 months, when she should have FIFTY. It is possible she will never fly properly.

Wing clipping
Wing clipping is a personal decision, but one I advise against. Birds need their wings intact to escape danger, and prevent falling. Clipping wings can also reduce your birds ability to exercise properly, and to use a range of muscles which affect co-ordination and navigational abilities. If a birds wings are clipped unprofessionally the bird can face lifelong consequences, including never being able to fly, bleeding wings, and continual new feather complications. So if you do chose to have your bird clipped, go to a vet, and get the bare minimum clip essential to prevent it from being able to fly off into the sky. If you wish to take your budgie outside, it is much more humane to get a harness – which are available in pet shops and online.

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